Emir İnşaat A.Ş.

About Emir Construction Real Estate Investment Co

Emir Construction Real Estate Investment Co established in 1994, and successfully finished more than 25 different government commitment construction projects among Premiership, National Defense Department, Ministry of Public Works, and Ministry of General Staff.

Our company continues to build innovative, high quality and unique design projects and invests in real estate sector by developing projects since 2000. We implement so many real estate projects considered as privileged locations, among Beysu Residences, Gordion Shopping Mall, Gordion Houses, Atlantis Shopping Mall, Atlantis Houses, Batıpark Houses, Vadi Vista Houses and Beysu Houses.

Each of these projects was brought to life with comfortable living environment, high quality of life, unique architectural designs and living spaces that everyone dreams of.

Our company culture;

  • Since 1994, we have been working with an understanding of full service.
  • We draw our dreams in the projects.
  • We obtain the construction license.
  • We construct.
  • We complete all of the construction and give you the deed.
  • At the finalization of the project, we take on the management duties of the facility.
  • We are trying to make your life easier from the begining and every step of your way.
  • Because our ‘’MAIN PURPOSE’’ is to create value for ‘’HUMANITY’’